About Me

Hi! I’m Whitney. Since this is an “about me” page, I guess I get to talk about myself.  : )

First, about the blog – several years ago, my husband (then fiancé) and I, purchased our first home together. It was a mid century ranch that was entirely remodeled by us. I regret never journaling our adventures. All the blood, sweat and tears would have made for some good writing! Now, we’re on our third home, in a new city so why not start now?! Third times a charm, right?

We have a mutt named Tofu. Have you ever seen those sour-patch-kids commercials? First he’s sour then he’s sweet. That’s him 100%. He’s mostly chihuahua though so he lives up to the name. We love him.

I’m a geek by day and creative nut by night. I love knitting, chairs, Cathrineholm, record listening, and anything crafty.

Fun fact: I’m a blood cancer survivor.
Another fun fact: We bought my dream car (a VW bug), while going through chemo.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope you find something to enjoy.