Buying a New Mid Century Modern Door

August 23, 2017

Buying a New Mid Century Modern Door

Earlier this year when spring arrived, heavy clouds rolled in with a generous amount of rain. I could see the plants were loving every second of it as they turned taller and blossomed. The birds chirping from a large tree behind our house sounded happy and overall, the vibe and weather near perfect.  Except for one huge issue…

Our front door had a massive gap towards the bottom so when you stood a few feet back, daylight spewed in. The worst part is when outdoor debris and critters came in along with the bamboo floors buckling. Since high levels of humidity were outside, it found its way into the house under the door and even a humidifier running high speed, all day, couldn’t keep up. We knew we had to fix it before things got worse.


Door Shopping

We’ve always been fortunate enough to have purchased old homes with decent doors. Almost immediately, a lot of questions came to mind. If you buy a door, who installs it or can you do it yourself? What makes a good door and who even sells doors? Can you somehow save your old door?

I checked out many online sellers for a decent modern door. One thing I learned is, exterior doors are expensive especially modern ones. Something that looks mid-century pulls in many dollars nowadays. Doors seem to range from $2,000 – $10,000. Looking back 9 years, my husband and I were into this style and “back then,” it wasn’t cool so these prices amaze me.

Shopping for exterior doors isn’t the best chore but seeing all the various designs is fun. After we had a budget in mind (under $1,000 for the door), I kept coming back to one Home Depot was selling – The Surf 5 Lite door. Okay, I’ll be honest – the brand name makes me cringe – “Builder’s Choice.” It definitely doesn’t have a sexy name. Actually, most builders around this area use the cheapest materials and I think builder’s choice as being extremely sub-par. The reviews are decent with a solid 4 out of 5 stars with the biggest complaint being the windows might have some paint splatters.

Exclusively shopping only at Home Depot for my remodel supplies, I know that if I’m not completely satisfied with my purchase I can cancel or return the order. Another reason I wanted to purchase the door through Home Depot is that they have installers. We wanted to leave it to the professionals to complete this job so utilizing their contractors would save us a headache of finding someone. We decided to purchase the door in teal (or “Surf” as they call it).

After a few weeks, the door arrived at the store and we stopped by to see it. As expected, it was lovely in person and we couldn’t wait for the install day to come.  The contractors came out and hung the door which included installing the hardware we had picked out. They did a fantastic job, reworking the door frame. The windows had a few paint spots from the factory but I was able to remove them easily with a razor blade. The paint job is nearly flawless and the door came with touch up paint. Overall, I am completely satisfied with our purchase and extremely happy we took the chance.

No more outside debris and best of all, no more critters. What a massive difference it makes.