Renovation Jumble

May 1, 2017

You guys! I haven’t wrote in awhile but I swear it’s for good reason. First, we had a massive renovation which was pretty rough to live through and then I also started a new job.

Let’s talk about the renovation – Before we purchased our house, we knew we’d remove a wall or two to open it up. The potential was there, it just needed to be done. The living room felt like a cave with hardly any natural light and the dining room was such an odd shape. Our kitchen is a galley style which in theory isn’t bad because it’s pretty wide but when removing one wall, why not another?

Here’s the cave living room and the awkward shaped dining room.

See, I told you it was dark and awkward. We did all the preparations ourselves to save a bit of money and since it’s easy, why not? First, we removed the carpet and pad then the tack strips. A few days later, the engineers came and the renovations began. This part we left to the pros since the walls are load bearing and we don’t want the house to cave in.

Day one consisted of the wall between the dining and living room being anchored and opened. Right away, the natural light came spewing in. The vision is coming to life. If you ever go through a renovation, remember one thing- IT’S DUSTY.

A few days later, they began the kitchen wall removal. This wall is shared with the living room. The vision here is a gorgeous drop hood over a flat stove top.

And just like that, you have open concept! After a few weeks of cleaning and prepping the concert floor for wood – we were ready to start laying the floor which we did ourselves. At this point, Tofu is excited to not have to eat dinner in a spare room anymore.
























After some blood sweat and tears, we were done laying the floor and the major renovation is over. Honestly, we were so exhausted from the floor adventure I think it didn’t hit us for a few days that we were finished. Once we started to move the furniture into the rooms, I had a Kool-Aid smile the entire time. That’s when my husband says “and all of this was worth it for that smile…”

And with that, I’ll leave you with a few teaser photos that make my heart happy because this is home.