Mid Century Modern Flooring

March 4, 2017

Several years ago, my husband and I purchased our first home together. The home was entirely original which we loved. After we moved in, we found a surprise most home buyers of vintage homes dream of – the original wood floors lay quietly untouched under the old carpet!

All the rooms besides the kitchen had the original flooring but after removing the carpet in the living room, we weren’t sure if it was salvageable. The 50 year old carpet pad was stuck onto the floor and after peeling it off, it tattooed the floor red.

We had a professional flooring company come out and they assured us the red marks would come up. I’m glad we went that route because they turned out absolutely beautiful.

Unfortunately, most homes in our area don’t have basements and the only thing laying under your carpet is a cement foundation. In the upcoming weeks, contractors will come in and take down a few walls giving us an open concept. This includes opening the kitchen to the living room and removing the dining/living room wall to allow natural light to come in because currently, the living room feels like a cave. This also means we need to have flooring picked out and ready to go before they start working.

Originally, I was set on a gray floor. A light, subtle modern gray. I’m actually surprised how hard it is to find a decent light gray flooring that doesn’t look completely rustic. After hours of searching and ordering samples that just didn’t work, we decided to polish the foundation instead. I originally disliked the idea but after seeing photos such as the following, I began to see the vision:

Source: Better Living SOCAL

Well that idea backfired since every company I called in Dallas won’t polish residential interior foundation due to “liability.” They’re happy to polish outdoor areas though! Dang.

Then we move onto cork. I saw this sample at Home Depot and fell in love.

Source: Home Depot Heritage Mill Cork Flooring

The inspiration being:

Source: Frenchy Fancy

Once I brought it home, it just didn’t feel right with the furniture we have. I love the idea but it just wasn’t the flooring for us. We tried a light and dark cork and both were not qualifiers. This is when the panic sets in. What if we don’t find a floor in time?

Then my husband suggested bamboo. Many true mid century homes have a teak/light color floor similar to our first house. We searched all over for the right bamboo and once again landed at Home Depot. With solid reviews and a price you can’t refuse, we purchased one full box, put it together and laid it under our various pieces of furniture. This was it. It brought the walnut pieces to life and gave the house a warm feeling. The knots give the room texture without being overwhelming.

Source: Home Depot

We ended up ordering enough cases and have it laying in the living room to acclimate. I’m very excited for this floor and I know it’s going to look absolutely gorgeous!