How To Clean Haze and Paint Off Your Windows

February 4, 2017

It’s Saturday and that means only a few more weekends until we move in. There’s a lot of work to be done and my husband is working long hours on painting the interior. I feel terrible I can’t help paint because of an allergy but I have other tasks to complete. Today is the adventure of cleaning windows.

Last night I logged into Pinterest and searched the best way to clean windows. There’s an overwhelming amount of DIY window solution science experiments that promises results. Actually, I got overwhelmed and decided to head down to the Home Depot and figure it out on the fly in the morning.

I ended up picking up a commercial line Windex and my favorite pack of blue micro fiber towels.

First, the inside – spray, spray, spray, let it sit for a few moments then wipe off with a microfiber cloth. Then finish off with a fresh cloth. I had music on and Mr. Miyagi (Karate Kid) in my head saying “wax on, wax off.” I was washing off what seemed like years of filth. The room started to get brighter!

Things were going great….. until I got to the right side of the house.

My Karate Kid technique wasn’t working on a window that had a hazy film so I was confused. I honestly don’t know if it was paint water, elements, or what but it wasn’t coming off. My finger nail could scrape it but the microfiber cloth just wasn’t enough.

In comes my genius husband. Don’t tell him I said that but seriously, this guy has all the best ideas.

Him – “Why don’t you use steel wool?”

Me – “ARE YOU CRAZY? It will scratch the windows….”

Him – “Well it works on car windshields..” *shrug*

Me – Frantically pulls out phone and searches Youtube for this crazy idea

He was right. This trick is used by window cleaning pros and I couldn’t believe it. They said it must be 0000 steel wool because 000 will scratch windows but the extra 0 = perfect. You can remove paint, grime, and even streaks.

So I run back to Home Depot and buy some 0000 steel wool.

When I got back and tried this idea in a tiny corner, it worked! No signs of scratches. I then try a larger area and it was coming off like magic! It removed the haze and old paint.

I felt like the coolest kid in the world. Seriously, I took the inventor of steel wool for granted.

Lesson of the day, steel wool is rad.