Buying Our Mid Century Ranch

February 1, 2017

I can hardly believe it. We finally bought our mid century ranch we always dreamt of. Keys in hand, I’m ready.

It seems like yesterday him and I were sitting at our table debating accepting the job. The sun shining, the birds chirping – absolutely nothing pointing us to a negative sign but he was hesitant to take the job because of my career however, this was a perfect opportunity for him. Plus, moving to a new city just a week before the new year is of course, really exciting. After battling cancer that year, I desperately yearned for a change anyways.

Both of us agreed- we’re going forward with this move so we sold the house and drove 3.5 hours north of Austin to Dallas. We arrive at our hotel that December night, the air was bitter cold with moisture. There was high stress from the trip with bouncy roads with our belongings in the back of the moving truck but we’re safe and that’s what matters most.

The next day we unpacked at the storage facility and were able to get the keys to our temporary corporate apartment. The apartment being brand new, features modern furniture and fixtures with plenty of space. Not even a week later he begins his new job and I began something quite unfamiliar – being jobless.

We visited Dallas a few times to look at homes and right away we fell in love with a mid century ranch. This home is a “flip” so we were hesitant to buy it. We wanted a house that wasn’t done, rather one we could fix up ourselves. Regardless, we put in an offer because the home has so much to offer. It has a great layout, a good size and the architecture seems to take my breath away every time. The “flip” did absolutely nothing to enhance what it can be – a gorgeous, mid century modern ranch. We see the potential… all the potential and I couldn’t be more excited to get started on making it ours.

It’s “winter” here in Texas so the grass is definitely anything but green. There are no leaves on the tree and the yard is full of dead brush. Even though it’s winter, the house is smiling, inviting us in.

I even found a little friend hanging out between the bricks.

Welcome to a new chapter.